Perfect Your Makeup with Meena Elements Khaki Powder

Oily and greasy skin further troubled by other skin problems can leave you feeling worried, especially when you do makeup. But not anymore as Meena Elements’ khaki powder called Meena Khaki Powder Premium, keeps your skin radiant and flawless. One of the best makeup tools, this powderis perfect for all skin types, including sensitive, normal, acne-prone, oily and even combination skin.

Long-wearing and high on quality, our powder is the first step towards flawless makeup, offering you a fresh glow while also covering skin discoloration and dark patches. At Meena Elements, you can avoid the trouble of running around to stock up on makeup. Choose our powder, the best makeup essential in the market right now and get it delivered right to your doorstep.

Experience Glowing and Smooth Skin Finish Within Affordable Range

Our khaki powder offers your face a glowing and smooth finish by controlling oil and covering dark patches for extended hours. Infused with active ingredients, like rose extract, talc, calcium carbonate, boric acid powder, zinc oxide and essential fragrance and colour, you can apply the Meena Khaki Powder Premium to your face evenly to get instant natural makeup appearance. Dab it gently on your neck and face to experience even skin tone like never before.

Perfect for both men and women, our powder also protects the skin from harmful UV rays, thus avoiding dark complexion and different signs of skin aging. Different packs of the powder come at superbly low prices while you also get in in a combo pack of 4 products priced at Rs. 327. The pack contains 140 gm Aloe Vera Gel, 200 gms Khaki Powder, 100 ml Rose Water and 25 gms Brightening Cream. Grabbing this deal will help you save more. besides this, you can also avail different packs of our Khaki Powder, like 400 gms for Rs. 176, 300 gms for Rs. 117, 125 gms for Rs. 80, 50 gms for Rs. 45, 30 gms for Rs. 15, 20 gms for Rs. 12 and a pouch pack of Rs. 10.

So, make haste and purchase our khaki powder as per your requirement and budget!


  1. What is khaki powder?

Meena khaki powder is one of the best products that cover all skin imperfections effectively. You can use it readily and even carry it anywhere due to its small and solid packaging.

  1. What are the benefits of your khaki powder?

Our khaki powder contains rose extract and other ingredients that do not cause any harm to the skin. Also, it is perfectly suitable for all skin types and evens out skin complexion while concealing the pores. It makes the skin appear as if you have not applied any makeup while making it feel light.

  1. How to use Meena Khaki Powder Premium?

For best effects, use Meena Khaki Powder Premium evenly on face and neck after applying makeup. This will even out your complexion and offer you instant glow.

  1. Is powder better than liquid foundation?

Yes powders are better than liquid foundations because they are lightweight and offer complete coverage along with matte finish to offer the perfect appearance.