How We Started..


The birth of Meena Elements — a name as enchanting as the products it represents. Imagine a fusion of artistry and nature, a symphony of elements coming together to create something extraordinary.


In the magical world of skincare, Meena Elements came to life. Let's turn the clock back to 1965, where Moreshwar and Mangala Potdar, a pair of dreamers, started small but had no idea their dream would turn into a radiant success.

Their first enchanted creation was the Meena Khaki Powder—a special mix that captured the hearts of many and became an instant hit. As time danced on, a new guardian, Prashant Moreshwar Potdar, stepped in, bringing his skincare magic to the mix in 2005. With his dedication and expertise, Meena Elements transformed into a shining star in the skincare universe.

Starting with the mystical Meena Khaki Powder, our journey unfolded into a collection of magical skincare wonders. Meena Elements introduced a range of charming products that became a beauty ritual for those in search of timeless radiance

Due to the products’ soaring popularity, Mr. Prashant Potdar took charge of the company. The gradual growth in demand, especially for the product ‘Meena Khaki’, resulted in the company relocating its operations to Panvel in 2005 where the company is set up as a 4 storey manufacturing unit spread over a total of 10000 sq.ft area with state of art manufacturing facilities for the production of its quality products.

Our Mission

We endeavour to provide Best Quality Products and Excellent Service while being conscious of our responsibility towards the planet.

We aim to meet the desires, needs and expectations of our customers by consistently reinvesting in our business and expanding our product range.

We strive for a friendly work environment and value addition to the welfare of our society.

Our Achievements

Excellence in Cosmetic Manufacturing from Sakal Media Group 2019

Flame Awards Asia 2019 (Trusted Brand)

Why Choose Use

With state of the art manufacturing facilities, we are fully equipped to manufacture our products using our resources with little to no wastage.

Owing to our expertise of over 5 decades in this field, we specialise in

We are constantly reinvesting to improve and perfect our products to give them an edge over other products and strive to broaden our product range for our customers.

Our basic motto is to provide Best Quality Products and Excellent Services at reasonable prices.