Say Hello to Glowing Skin with Meena Elements Full Coverage Skin Brightening Cream!

Every woman desires a healthy and glowing complexion, free of blemishes and a look that feels extra-light without the use of foundation. These requirements can best be fulfilled with the use of Meena full coverage skin brightening face cream. Our cream is a beauty hybrid that takes good care of some of the biggest skin care problems, giving the users a radiant and beautiful complexion. One of the best things about our Meena Elements Skin Brightening Face Cream is it is tailor-made for the skin, all its ingredients are well thought of and sourced ethically. It offers you acne-free and blemish-free skin without doing much.

Get Natural, Glowing Look Like Never Before!

Available for just Rs. 45, our 25 gm Meena Skin Brightening Face Cream contains some of nature’s best and most active ingredients, like almond oil, aloe vera, rose extract, carrot extract, mulberry extract and licorice extract that tighten loose skin, further reducing wrinkles and checking premature skin aging. Besides these, our cream also comes loaded with vitamin E, shea butter, DM water, BHT and dimethyl Pentasiloxane that moisturise the skin so effectively that it feels extra light, soft and smooth.

The exclusive formulation of our skin brightening cream gets deep into the skin offering flawless glow instantly. The advanced matte formula of our skin brightening cream with mattifying effect ensures non-sticky and oil-free glow that lasts throughout the day. If you are in the look out of a non-comedogenic cream, this one’s for you as it does not leave your pores open for breakouts. The perfect quick fix for sun damage, our cream offers an instant dewy appearance and a non-sticky glow that lasts throughout the day.

Easy to Use Skin Brightening Cream

Also available in a combo pack of 4 products priced at Rs. 327, our skin brightening cream can also be used to prep and hydrate the skin before makeup. To avail this product, you need not make an extra purchase as our combo pack of 4 contains 140 gm Aloe Vera Gel, 100 ml Rose Water, 200 gm Khaki Powder and 25 gm Brightening Cream.

Easy to apply and the perfect alternative to heavy foundation, our cream blends seamlessly with the skin, making it perfect for regular wear. Our skin brightening cream is also perfect for those who like a more minimalistic appearance to makeup or have highly sensitive skin. To use a high quality product at the lowest price, come to us.


  1. Can I use skin brightening cream regularly?

Yes, you can use our skin brightening cream regularly as it contains advantageous ingredients for skin and is specifically formulated to offer complete coverage that looks natural and lightweight.

  1. Can I use your skin brightening cream instead of foundation?

Yes, you can use our skin brightening cream instead of foundation as it offers lighter coverage and contains some of the best skincare ingredients, like mulberry and carrot that advance dead cell turnover to offer spotless skin.

  1. Why choose your full coverage skin brightening cream?

You must definitely get your hands on our full coverage skin brightening cream because it is non-comedogenic and does not leave the pores open that can result in breakouts. The calculative formula of our cream absorbs into the skin quickly and offers instant glow, making you feel rejuvenated.

  1. Is your cream a quick fix to sun damage?

Yes, our cream not only fixes sun damage but its advanced matte formula also ensures non-sticky, oil-free glow that lasts throughout the day.