Pamper Your Skin with the Best Fairness Cream from Meena Elements!

Do you want a fair and glassy skin tone with flawless texture? Then sticking to the Meena Skin Brightening Face Cream would be the perfect choice. Enriched with the goodness of mulberry, liquorice, carrot and rose extracts in combination with aloe vera, almond oil and vitamin E, this fairness cream will moisturise your skin lightly and offer that instant glow you have been longing for.


Skin Brightening Face Cream for Ultimate Care and Repair

Meena Skin Brightening Face Cream takes care of your skin and repairs it while covering ugly dark spots and blemishes. Its exclusive blend of natural extracts and ingredients like BHT, Dimethyl Pentasiloxane, Shea Butter and DMDM Hydantoin absorbs into the skin instantly to bring out a flawless glow. Available in an advanced matte formula, the fairness cream ensures a non-sticky and oil-free glow that lasts throughout the day- an important feature that differentiates the cream from other products in the same category. With a fair amount of DM water, colour, perfume and glycerine, this cream glides smoothly on your face offering it the much-required shine and softness.


Why Meena Elements’ Fairness Cream?

All products from Meena Elements, including its skin brightening cream, are FDA approved or reviewed by CDER. These cruelty-free products are 100% vegan and are manufactured without waste, so they do not harm the environment. Made of all-natural ingredients, the Meena Elements Skin Brightening Cream 25 gm pack comes at an affordable range of just Rs. 38, making it the perfect buy for budget-conscious people.

Coupled with this affordability is the easy ordering process on the Meena Elements site, helping you place your order in no time.  


Use the Meena Elements Skin Brightening Cream before using the ME Khaki Powder for oily skin for the best results!