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Do you love all things natural? Want to reap the benefits of the best aloe vera gel for face? Then Meena Elements will be the right place. With us, you can find the best aloe vera gel that suits your requirements. Regardless of whether you want a skincare product to soothe your irritated skin or a hair product to promote healthy hair growth, our aloe vera gel gets you covered. With varied options available across the market, it can be tiring to make the right choice. But don’t worry as we are here to help you make an informed choice and reap the wonderful benefits of our aloe vera gel.

Buy Superior Quality Aloe Vera Gel at Meena Elements!

The advantages of aloe vera have been recognised across the world. Loaded with all natural ingredients, ouraloe vera gel is one of the best inclusions in your regular skincare routine as it comes without any silicon or parabens. Hence, it is also useful to treat different hair problems and skin ailments.

Enriched with 99% pure aloe vera extract, carbomer, rosemary extract, cucumber extract, DM DMHydantoin and Vitamin A, B12, C and E, the gel heals, moisturizes, detoxifies and hydrates the skin and hair. One of the best sources of natural treatment for both skin and hair, the gel goes deep into the skin, hair and scalp to ensure smooth and soft skin and completely moisturized and healthy hair. Besides this, our aloe vera gel is also effective in preventing and healing rashes, scars and acne blemishes. And above everything else, it is perfectly suitable for all kinds of hair and skin.

Availability and Price

Our aloe vera gel for face and hair comes in 60 gm and 140 gm packs priced Rs. 59 and Rs. 102 respectively. Loaded with mineral oil and sulphate, you can use the gel liberally to all dry areas that require proper moisturisation and soothing, including scalp, face, hair and body. Ensure massaging the gel evenly throughout the skin or scalp until it gets absorbed completely for instant hydration and a refreshing feeling.

You can also avail our aloe vera gel in a combo pack of 4, containing 140 gm aloe vera gel, 100ml rose water, 25 gm Brightening Cream and 200 gm Khaki Powder. Price of this combo pack is Rs. 327.

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  1. What is Meena Elements aloe vera gel?

Meena Elements’ aloe vera gel is a versatile skin and hair care product that soothes, hydrates and retains moisture in dry skin and hair and is widely used as one of the best rejuvenating hair and skin care products.

  1. What are the different ways in which I can use Meena Elements aloe vera gel?

The different ways of using our aloe vera gel include hair mask, body mask, hair conditioner, makeup remover, skin exfoliator and after shave.

  1. What are the exclusive benefits of your aloe vera gel?

It improves endurance while stimulating skin regeneration. Our aloe vera gel also helps to keep the skin pores tight, thus reducing acne while also relieving skin irritation and healing burns and cuts.

  1. Can teenagers use your product?

Yes, people of all ages can use our product.