Get Rid of Your Oily Skin Makeup Woes with the Best Powder for Oily Skin

Having oily skin can be a nightmare, especially because it’s difficult to keep makeup looking good on this skin type. What if you get the best powder for oily skin? Yes, there’s one available from Meena Elements: Khaki Powder. With a 4 and a ½ rating, this premium face powder for oily skin offers an even skin tone and an instant glow. Carrying the goodness of all-natural ingredients like rose extract and talc along with colour, perfume, boric acid powder, zinc oxide and calcium carbonate, this compact offers oil control benefits for an extended time. It leaves the skin feeling silky soft with a lasting perfume.

Get Even Skin Tone with Meena Elements Khaki Powder

One feature that differentiates the Meena Elements Khaki Powder from other face powders for oily skin is it offers protection from harmful sun rays. This BB talc powder for oily skin also covers dark spots to give your skin an instant shine without doing much. Perfect for both men and women, you can get the Khaki Powder in varied volumes ranging from 20 to 400 gms at an amazingly affordable price.

While the smallest 20 gm pouch of the Meena Khaki Powder comes for just Rs. 12, you get the 400 gm pack only for Rs. 176. A mini Mummy Khaki Powder pouch is also available for Rs. 10 only.

So, it’s time to get rid of your oily skin makeup woes without breaking the bank by going for the Meena Elements Khaki Powder, which nourishes and repairs your skin while offering it an instant glow.